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Friday, December 31, 2004
Sugar n Spice

My predictions for the coming year... Or just call it wishful thinkin... :P

1. Maddie will finally start blogging and not just talk about it! And she'll move to my part of the country!

2. Heretic will change his template another 4 times, and write about his "memoir and other escapades" more often.

3. Prats will put up a pic of a real man, with real words, and throw that moron with a kettle on his head outta the window!

4. Morphie will write more poems for and about Hotstepper! *grin*

5. Jottingz, Gorgeous, and Shubir will update more regularly and we will rediscover the pleasure of reading them!

6. Nobody will make a grand comeback!

7. I'll finally be able to convince JW that bloggers are not necessarily "not nice" people. :D

7. Alpha will get back to being as funny as she used to be in 2003. :| Sorry Alpha, but I kinda miss your "make-fun-of-everyone" posts. Seriously! Especially because in those good old days, people didn't take humour too seriously and knew how to laugh at themseves! Jaane kahaan gaye woh din...

8. Ronin will write at least one sensible on his blog. :P

9. Enigma will soak a little less in her self pity and will get back to being the once wonderful and wonderfully funny person I used to know, much much before our YM days, and that was aeons ago.

10. M and her entire dysfunctional clan (There! I said it again! :P) will finally kill me, and not just threaten to do so. And she will stew a lot less in her bloated ego and concentrate on writing because that's the only good thing she's tolerable at. (Yeah, see those famous fangs M? Told ya, NOBODY messes with me.)

11. Morons like Barf, Lisa, and Whatwasthenameagain will disappear into thin air, making this world a happier place.

12. Breathless will stop thinking so much, and will make out with me in public comment boxes and not just on YM! LOLOLLLL!

13. Ostrich will meet more interesting people and will keep us entertained! Amit will get married! :P

14. I will finally get to eat Garfy with hot chocolate sauce!

15. I will finally get to meet my bachcha and give her a real hug!

16. Karan Johar will talk more about his guests and a lot less about himself on the terrible chat show he hosts.

17. MY Abhishek Bachchan will get one grrrrand hit and he will become the next sooooooperstar. Or maybe he'll leave movies for good and join an IIM. I swear that'll make him even more palatable. He is a misfit in films, he's got the looks, charm, and brains of a business tycoon.

18. My sis will develop better taste and outgrow her massive crush on Shoaib Akhtar.

19. Newton will shift to Pune.

20. Either Andy and I will finally become engineers or there'll be a bomb blast in Pune and Mumbai Universities, killing the contoller of examinations and all the examiners. LMAO! Deal, Andy?

But on a more serious note, 365 long days, and nothing has changed in my life. Not on the career front at least. On the personal front, I'm a happier person than what I was last year, my life's a better place to be in, my sense of security has become stronger, so has my belief in myself. I'm more satisfied, but mind you, not complacent. I'm raring to go, to make it big. I'm more ambitious than ever. Guess that's a lot of gifts in a year!

In short, it's been a great year inspite of some silly squabbles and big fights, losing a dear pal to our bloated egos, and a couple of major set backs... Things that are best left unsaid on public platforms, to avoid any unsolicited sympathy! :P There's a lot that still needs to be worked upon, but I know I've given life my best shot. The results will show in good time.

Now I'm hoping I go places on the professional front too. All's not lost. Not yet at least! :) And no, no resolutions this year. I still haven't perfected the art of perfecting perfection. So there!

Here's wishing you all a wonderful NYE, a lot of party hopping, great music, good company, and lots of dancing! Keep it safe, y'all! And hope the most wonderful things happen to you in the coming year.


Wednesday, December 29, 2004
The Tsunami Aftermath- The Show Must Go on...

A balsam for the agony you're in,
And ease a little of the fear within.
If smiles could find a way through time and space,
They'd hold you in a comforting embrace,
Until a smile appears upon your face,
And strength returns to face another day.
If thoughts could reach the universe afar,
I'd place a soothing cure on every star,
To heal the aching soul during a dream,
While angels chase away your silent scream.
If only these few words I wrote today,
Could do just that for you this cloudy day...

Just when we begin to lose ourselves in our self-pity and shallow concerns, God, in his own way, shows the proper perspective.

May the souls of those who lost their lives in one of the biggest tragedies in the world rest in peace. And may their loved ones find the strength to move on. The show must go on.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004
My Apologies, I'm Too Lazy To Write A Proper Post!

In no particular order,

1. Indian railways have a lot that they can improve upon, especially the kind of food they serve on Shatabdi trains.

2. North Indian winters will kill me if I have to travel too much on trains that run early in the morning.

3. Jane Eyre doesn't make for great train reading, Catch 22 does!

4. Pearl Jam doesn't make for great train listening, super duper oldies like Neil Sedaka and Engelbert Humperdinck and Rock ballads do.

5. Though I have a love-hate relationship with my dad and we agree to disagree on everything, I can't stand his inconvenience and disappointment.

6. Calcutta is magical at this time of the year, especially the weather bit!

7. Park Street is God's gift to mankind, Bar-b-q is God's gift to chinese lovers, Calcutta is God's gift to shopaholics!

8. Going to these huge malls with too much to buy and too little to spend, gives a boost to my ambition to make it biiiiig someday! Especially when a shopaholic like me likes everything that parents would never spend a penny on!

9. They've spoilt Flury's after the renovation... It has lost its old-worldy charm, cozy feel, and the lovely coffee. I was thoroughly disappointed.

10. I prefer momos over chocolates. Anyday.

11. My aunt is probably the strongest woman I've ever met, with the only exception being Ma.

12. I'm worried about my sister. If she can happily stay at home and study while I go to Tantra and shake and break my leg till wee hours in the morning, something is definitely wrong with her.

13. Kunal's my best friend. But that can't stop me from saying that he's weird. Probably that's why he is my best friend in the first place!

14. I am a female chauvinistic pig, and how!

15. Doting super-rich aunts are bad news for one's expanding waistline and weightloss programme!

16. Best of Def Leppard and Lovers' Rock-The Ultimate Collection of Rock Ballads are the best Christmas gifts I have received in a ong long time!

17. It had been such a long time since i last ogled that I had started believing that "goodlooking men" is an oxymoron. A visit to Calcutta proved me worng!

18. An English dinner at a wedding reception makes much better food than the run of the mill naans and chicken butter masalas and the like!

19. Calcutta might be dirty, but at least it's honest. It might be claustrophobic, but at least it's got the culture that is disappearing from our country at an unbeatable rate.

20. It definitely is my favourite city in India. The best part about it is the ability to make everyone feel at home, the party animals and the bookworms, the upper class and the middle class, the kids and the oldies.

21. I'm richer by a pair of basic blue pair of Pepe F23, 2 khadi kurtas (green and yellow), a black tee, a black leather purse, a pink Annabelle shirt, and sexy RED slippers. Yeah, life's going to be really colourful this new year. LOL!

22. And I'm also richer by huge bottles Dabur Vatika oil and shampoo(which I'll never use), Dabur Chawanprash swarn jayanti pack(double "which I'll never use"), and a huuuge box of Pudin Hara capsules(which I will, all the time:">). I probably forgot to mention that my aunt is officially the financial head of Dabur India's Kolkata region but practically she's a one-woman office who handles communications, production, and HR because she started off as Dr Burman's secretary and is today the oldest and most reliable employee in Dabur's East India operations. Hence all the complimentary gifts. :D

22. Contrary to popular belief, I don't make such a bad daughter after all. I just washed almost 7 kilos of clothes, so what if it meant just turning the knob of the washing machine! :P

23. I have no idea what I've done in the last couple of of days. I just can't seem to get enough sleep. And no, I'm not tired. I'm just sleepy!

Monday, December 27, 2004
As I Look Back...

As I look back on my life
I find myself wondering...
Did I remember to thank you
for all that you have done for me?

For all of the times you were by my side
to help me celebrate my successes
and accept my defeats?

Or for teaching me the value of hard work,
good judgement, courage, and honesty?

I wonder if I've ever thanked you
for the simple things...
The laughter, smiles, and quiet times we've shared

If I have forgotten to express my gratitude
I am thanking you now...
and I am hoping that you've known all along,
how much you are loved and respected

Happy birthday to the world's best mom and the sexiest woman on earth! :D

P.S: I just got back from Calcutta... Lots to write about but only after I catch up on some sleep and read the 57 new mails in my 50 email accounts... LOL!

Thursday, December 23, 2004
Christmas Sale or Something Like It!

I was driving back from the gym when I happened to pick up a nursery rhymes CD for a niece from this really small CD shop in my neighbourhood. And I was looking around generally while the shopkeeper hunted for what I asked for... And what do I see? A CD called Legends Of Rock... Not so much of legends really... But I am richer by a hundred and fifty awesome songs, if you leave out a Limp Bizkit here and a Korn there, an Avril Whatever here and a Sugar RaySugar Ray there. There's Eric Clapton, Creed, REM, Led Zep, 3 Doors Down, Eagles, Jethro Tull, Coldplay, Metallica, Dire Straits, Scorpions and more to more than make up for it! Almost 140 real good songs for 30 bucks isn't such a bad deal after all! A few days back I bought an mp3 from the same shop, with ALL of Metallica's albums, and another one with the entire GNR and Dream Theatre collection for as much as 30 bucks each. Yeah I'm more kicked about the price bit! :P

And anyone who's going to give me a lecture on music piracy, spare me the trouble. I'm still studying and and not so rich. Not yet at least! :D

I love this time of the year... With Christmas, New Year, a trip to Calcutta after 2 years, my birthday, and a visit from Newton around the corner lots of freebies are in store for me. Grin grin grin!

But what's Christmas without a nice li'l gift from Santa? So here's the letter I expect to write to Santa. Santa, you hearing??? I just hope he's internet-enabled! :P

Dear Santa,

Hope you are doing fine. It's freezing back home, wish I could wear everything that you do, but it'll be a huge fashion misadventure.

Anyways that's beyond the point. What I want to tell you is I have been a very very good girl this entire year. Haven't been naughty in college and haven't hurt or been rude to one single person. (Psssst... Mom, Dad, Shruti (errr, that's my naughty li'l sis, just so that you know), Newton, Bhai, Ronin, Swne, Enigma (of the serenadolan fame, her blog's been taken up by some moron right now.), Priya, roomies, princie, profs, we can sort out our matters ourselves. Let's not bug Santa with our silly problems. Deal?)
. I just want two things for christmas:
1. GOOOOD grades
2. Abhishek Bachchan

Yeah, so that's about all. Though I don't mind an ipod, an MP3 player, a digicam... Errrr... Yeah. That's it.

Thank you Santa. Merry Christmas! See you soon!

Lotsa love,

On an aside, MERRY CHRISTMAS, ALL! Hope you get all that you dream for this festive season. And to add to it, hope you get lotsa hot chocolate fudge too! *grin*

Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Spreading The Christmas Cheer!

Barista go take a walk, I HAVE ARRIVED!!

Just baked rich chocolate cake and garnished it with walnuts and RICHHHH chocolate sauce... And it was better than BARISTA'S DARK TEMPTATION! YUMMMM!

I loooove myself! Now this is what I call Christmas cheer! :D

The smoky breath of the winter breeze,
Billowing over wintered wings.
Gracefully touched by ice maidens,
Silent thoughts magically sing.

The mother's crystalline wine,
Flows over verdant isles.
Glimmering like an ancient shrine,
A mirror expanding endless miles.

A melody floats upon the tides,
Lingering within cool sprays.
Upon creamy foam the tune rides,
And silver notes gently raise.

Sweetened with an aqua hue,
The mermaid song plays on.
Secrets of the depths are viewed,
Unlocked by the coming dawn.

A symphony soars within the light,
Sea nymph voices floating high.
Within the sound I hear her might,
Echoing where ocean meets sky.

The crystal opera begins to fade,
Becoming now a hymn of the sea.
Memories fall in a final cascade,
Reminding that the song shall always be.

Monday, December 20, 2004
School Blues

Today was my sister's second last day in school, because most probably after her Class 10 boards, she'll take admission in one of the better Mumbai or Pune colleges and move out, just like most of her friends. So obviously it's a big thing for her. Ma and I reached school to pick her up expecting them to be running around the campus to make sure the preparations for the last day bash was going great.

But what we saw there wasn't a pretty scene at all. The girls were literally sobbing their hearts out, because early this morning their bags had been checked and their "opinion diaries" and Bonanza ties had been confiscated and they were told that they were the black pages in the history of Notre Dame. All this on the second last day of 13 glorious years of some of the most brilliant students Notre Dame has ever seen. In the last 5 minutes of school, the rather sickenigly sadistic new Princie of the school I have always been proud of announced on the P.A. system that Class 10 didn't need to attend school tomorrow, and were being "suspended" for a day, to punish them for their indiscipline. Their fault? Taking a few pictures in the school campus and carrying opinion diaries to school to get small mementos they could remember their friends of 13 long years by. This in my opinion was downright dictatorship in the name of discipline.

I mean I understand the need to discipline 15-16 year olds in a world where peer pressure and media exposure is taking a toll, but is this the way out? Is this the limit school authorities should stoop to, in the name of discipline? I wasn't too disciplined myself in my school years, but I don't remember such harshness. We were handled in such a way that we regretted our mistakes, but we never resented the authorities. I got suspended too, for bursting a cracker. And by all means, it was an offence, not serious, but an offence nevertheless. But is clicking photographs, neat and clean ones mind you, not explicit MMSes, wrong?

Anyways so my mom decided to meet the Princie because she was really angry with the way the students were beign dealt with. And when Ma puts her heart to something, she makes sure she gets her point across, some way or the other. So Ma and this other lady whose daughter is also in Class 10 went to meet the Princie while my sis, her friends and I waited anxiously. The super bitch was sweetness personified! And imagine her guts, she actually advised my mom and the other lady to check their daughters' bags "secretly" and keep an eye on their phone calls! Is that the transparency between parents and children most educationalists preach? In our times, we used to have Mothers' Meets for mothers of teenage students, where they were taught how to be friendly with their daughters, and not spy on them. My mom proudly told her that she believed in the principles of the old Princie of the school and that spying wasn't the way out. And finally she asked for my sister's opinion diary "because she wanted to know what her daughter was upto!" And we got the diary from the unsuspecting bitch of a Principal! LOL! I was pleasantly surprised, I have suffered a great deal, because mom didn't understand me when I was 16, or so I thought. On our way back Mom and sis grinned away to glory at all the things my sister's friends had written in her diary... A few specimens - "Mrs Shoaib Akhtar", the phone number of the only guy my sis has ever had a serious crush on but never bothered to talk to, etc. Pretty harmless stuff I tell you!

Today my sister knows she doesn't need to hide things from Ma, and probably that is why she also knows she shouldn't break her trust. I learnt that too, albeit a little late in life. I learnt only a couple of years back that Mom was the best friend I could have ever asked for. We love her, for everything she is to us. :)

That's not all. It seems the stupid Princie's warnings have made no difference to my sister's batch. They are going to school anyways, just to sit in the playground. In their uniforms mind you, just to bug the crap out of the Principal. If only the authorities understood that they need to command respect and not ask for it, they need to instill discipline, not force it.

Saturday, December 18, 2004
Of Him and Her

... is this wonderful guy I know from college, a big brother I never had.
... is a wonderful friend.
... doesn't know where his career is going.
... is scared of long term relationships of any kind, thinking they put too many things at stake.
... is madly in love with Her who he would have married or thought of marrying under different circumstances.
... wants to take the relationship one day at a time, because he's seen such relationships in the modern North Indian family he belongs to.

... is this absolutely brilliant girl, who's seen more tough times in life than she deserved to.
... makes a wonderful friend.
... is not very ambitious, because marriage is the first thing she will be forced to do the day she passes out of college.
... needs a long term relationship because she knows her parents will force her to get married to some richierich if she doesn't speak up for herself.
... is scared that if she speaks up too soon, and her relationship with Him doesn't work out, her parents will bug her to death.
... is madly in love with Him, even though he wants different things in life.
... wants a commitment for Him, because that's the only kind of relationship she knows and understands, because she's never seen her rather conservative set of friends and cousins in a "one-day-at-a-time" relationship.

He's not wrong. Neither is she.

He's frustrated. So is she.

She thinks she was better off being single inspite of the moments of weakness. So does he.

She wants to get out of it, knowing it will hurt both of them. So does he.

What's stopping them is that little hope somewhere deep down which tells them all isn't lost yet.

Is this relationship just a cruel joke life's playing on two of the most wonderful people I know?

Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Hypocrisy Unleashed, Yet Again!

I'm fuming right now!

About half an hour back, Ma and I were having our dinner while my sis was generaly surfing channels. That's when the headline of Star News read something to the effect that Kareena Kapoor was going to file a case, and for our collective love of gossip and bollywood, the channel stayed.

What followed was horrendous! Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor were found lip-locked in some Mumbai restaurant and the pictures were all over Mid-day. Now a lip-lock is very common in our movies, but there was something about those images that was way too porn-like. It was DISGUSTING!

I don't advocate moral policing and I don't go around preaching how people should live their lives, but what I fail to understand is the hypocrisy of these news channels and newspapers. I mean when an actress does a Mallika Sherawat, the same people make a huge fuss about the censor board not being good enough, and how our society isn't mature enough to handle so much heat. But Mallika Sherawat's 17 kisses in Khwahish and Bipasha Basu's steamy scenes in Jism were much much more decent than what appeared across all news channels (barring NDTV. I'm like THIS close to worshipping Prannoy Roy for not sensationalising the whole affair to his advantage!) tonight. I understand that the news was all over the country and it needed a mention on the leading news channels of the country, but what I don't understand is did they really need to show the same clips and images on screen constantly, whether they were needed or not?

A Murder or a Julie gets the "A" certificate from the censor board, and we still go crazy grumbling about them. But don't these news channels need to be censored as well? Don't they have a responsibility towards the society? Sex sells, yes. And I have nothing against people who make money by giving people what sells. The proprietors of all these new channels might as well start another Fashion Tv, if all they want to do is sell themselves, and their TRPs will soar! Why fake "Indianness"? Why advertise themselves as the saviours of truth and justice? And if at the end of the day, "business" is the only thing that matters to them, why have programmes where they make fun of the likes of Mallika Sherawat? After the rather disturbing DPS MMS and Miss Jammu incidents, the same channels had constant preaching sessions in the form of some goddamned news/talk show or the other. What changed suddenly? Today why does Star News look like porn and Mid-day, like the cheapest hindi porn mag available at the magazine counter?


Tuesday, December 14, 2004
My Two Worlds

When I have that lovely adrak ki chai with my folks at home every morning, I miss the watery sugary yucky canteen ki cutting chai that I have back in college!

When I have the whole room to myself, I miss squabbles that I have with my roomies back in the hostel when they want to study and I want to blast their eardrums with Metallica at full volume!

When I get the amazing mutton biryani/bhindi ka bhujiya for lunch, I miss the watery puls(e)-ating lunches that I get back in my hostel mess!

When I get undisturbed 4-hour long "naps" in the afternoon at home, I miss sleeping through those boring never-ending afternoon lectures and practicals.

When I have a free phone (not so free for my parents though) all to myself, I miss getting and giving missed calls that have given an entirely new meaning to (mis)communication!

When all I have to do for dinner is get up from my room and walk lazily to the dining room, I miss those long walks to the mess from the library on chilly hilltop evenings, and those unbelievably refreshing post-dinner hungama sessions at Nescafe.

When I have a computer and internet connection exclusively for me, I miss standing with all my hostel mates in those never-ending queues where I just about manage to get an internet-enabled PC for barely an hour!

When I can watch a Chicago/Fountainhead (yeah that's a movie too!) or a Haseena Maan Jaayegi/40 Days and 40 Nights at my own convenience, without the risk being called boring or "lacking in class" by stooooopid irritating friends and roomies, I miss arguing for an entire week just to decide which of the 4 newly released movies we should go watch on a weekend because all of us have diverse tastes and have strong opinions about everything!

When I get 11 hour sleep-marathons back home, I miss those frequent nights of no sleep at all because of too much work back in college or too many phone calls back in college!

When I am with my folks who mean the world to me, I miss the loooooney Priya, the teacher-ish Rish, the sleepyhead Pari, the moron Mohit, and of course my roomies, The Babe and the AWB (Aunty-Wannabe-Babe).


And then they tell me I'm getting the best of both world! BLLLLLARGH!

Thursday, December 09, 2004
It's A Wonderful World!

A whole lot of Ayn Rand (Penthouse Legends-The Night of January 16th, Capitalism, For the New Intellectual) with a bit of Gabriel Garcia Marquez (100 Years Of Solitude), a bit of Somerset Maugham (The Moon and Sixpence), a bit of John McElroy (Andersonville), James Joyce (Ulysees), a bit of Louis Sachar (The Boy Who Lost His Face) thrown in... Life doesn't get better!

Thanks Vighy, for that life-changing offliner! *grin*

Edited to add: On popular demand, CLICK HERE and bless me, thank me, send me gifts, send me cheques. :D

Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Writer Lady (yeah right!)

I've never been great shakes at writing. I'm sure people would have noticed that by now. LOL! But of late I'd been contemplating writing as a career, because that's one thing I'm passionate about. Probably the only thing I'm passionate about... Except maybe Alanis Morisette, REM, Ayn Rand, Clapton, operating Systems, multimedia studies, differential calculus, chocolates, gossip, FOOOOD! Ok I got carried away!

So I'd been contemplating taking up writing as a career. In the last few days that I'd been home, I took up a writing assignment with UNICEF. That's when reality dawned upon me.

Writing is probably one of the most creative and satisfying jobs around, especially for people who love it. But I realised that it is also one of the most difficult jobs. The kind of discipline it requires is amazing. It was interesting as long as the the deadline wasn't too close. I'd been working at my own pace, which wasn't too slow mind you. But as we approached the deadline, I became paranoid. Probably because writing on demand was something I'd never imagined I'd do. For me writing, no matter bad I might be at it, is an art. And you can't really force art and creativity, can you?

Hats off to all you people who've had the patience, discipline, and perserverence to stick to writing as a profession because of your love for it. :)

Thursday, December 02, 2004
Rapid Fire

The criterion for choosing Miss Portia (title given to the most witty girl of the outgoing batch) in our school farewell was a round of rapid fire with each of the nominess. And I don't remember one occasion when I played Rapid Fire without making a complete fool of myself! This was the one time where I embarrassed myself more than I had in my entire life. Read on-

Q#1: Do you want to see yourself as a member of the board of directors of an MNC or a good mother?
A: Mrs Brad Pitt. (Brad Pitt it was back then! *grin* And this is just the beginning me lovelies!)

Q#2: What is the one thing that about your schooldays that you would like everyone in your college to know?
A: That I was suspended for bursting a cracker! (Nothing can beat the expression on the face of the panel of teachers asking these questions.)

Q#3: Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line?
A: Beur Jail. (I used to aspire to become a police officer when I was 6. But this one went too far! 11 years after I'd forgotten all about that childhood fantasy, I was asked this question and I still have no idea why that old fantasy made its way back to my pea sized brain just then. As expected my answer was takenat its face value and the collective laughter of the audience made me turn maroon! Errrr dark people don't turn red when they blush, they turn maroon. :P)

Q#4: What do Notre Damians like to eat for breakfast?
A: Michaelites. (The "sister school" that qualified more as a "boyfriend school" and those hunks.... Those hunks!)

And now the grand finale-

Q#5: How do you like your eggs?
A: Unfertilized. (This joke had been doing rounds in the school for quite sometime. But I am sure the teachers didn't know it. But I still hate them for asking me such a question. And I hate myself more for the answer I gave! :P)

For the next 1 hour I hated myself for being such an idiot, all the teachers for plotting a conspiracy against me by preparing these idiotic questions for me, all my friends who were howling by the time I got down from stage. The only person I thanked was God up for not sending any of the Sisters during the selection of Miss Portia. Winning the title was out of question by then. But to add to my woes of not winning, they would have screwed my life and my character certificate. Yeah I ALWAYS expect the worse to happen to me!

I was pleasantly surprised half an hour later when my name was called out and I got a sash saying Miss Portia and a crown to boot! Beat that! I wanted to do a Sushmita Sen on stage, but decided against any more nautanki and be graceful about the whole thing. I'd had more than my share of nautanki in the 15 years that i spent in Notre Dame. :)

Told ya, I never really trusted the discretion of my schoolteachers. I mean they used to like me for heaven's sake! :P

Disclaimer: Star World has a new show called Koffee with Karan where Karan Johar does a Simi Garewal and talks more about himself than his guests. Anyways so his rapid fire round with the guests reminded me of my own disaster(s)! LOL!