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"Can I be as I believe myself or as others believe me to be? Here is where these lines become a confession in the presence of my unknown and unknowable me, unknown and unknowable for myself. Here is where I create the legend where I must bury myself."
--Miguel De Unamuno.

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Friendship can end in love...
... But love in friendship, never...

... announces my roomie's rather corny wallpaper. To that I say BLEEEAAAUUUURGH!

Anyone who can comprehend my self-confessed "punter dost" Dopey will know what I mean. LOL!

And just in case I didn't mention, this feels so much nicer (read intelligent/sensible/sane) than crushing over that "brains-forever-resting-in-my-oh-so-huge-biceps-and-triceps" moron!

Just in case you're surprised at the tone of this post after an eternity of sadism-masochism (ARGH!) on my blog, it's because I had the most awesome Sunday with Noxie... Coffee, beer, Toblerone, Pink Floyd, Led Zep, and a whole lot of talking... The works! I strongly believe that it pays to have more than one set of friends, especially one that is so far-removed from the harsh reality that is my college/hostel life (Yeah I know that sounded melodramatic!) and someone who's been there done that and gotten over it.

By the way the high comes and goes, I wouldn't trust it. Neither should you. :P

Disclaimer: When I say love, I don't mean "love". Go figure! :P